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Become a vendor for CDHS!

As you may know, in order to receive state funding for your substance use disorder services, you usually need a contract. The state website used to solicit proposals is the Colorado Vendor Self Service website, (link below). In order to use the website, you register as a vendor (this is free, and is similar to signing up for other websites), and from there you can identify the types of services you would be interested in providing.

Procurement and accounting activities are separate from the program services with which you may be more accustomed to working, but developing a working knowledge of these functions and processes will help you build sustainability for your agencies.

As funding becomes available from different sources through CDHS and OBH, it is distributed through the procurement process. Special Connections solicits applications for new providers in this way, and will be conducting a request for proposal in the Fall of 2015. As of this writing, Special Connections is the only women's treatment service being RFP'd this Fall, however if other funding becomes available it will be posted on VSS' website. Please check back often!

Colorado Vendor Self Service (VSS)

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