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Funding for Children's Mental Health Services

Or rather, funding is available. Please check the Project LAUNCH website for more information here:

Why we care: Children who grow up in families in which there are addiction issues face challenges that can be addressed through thoughtful use of infant and children's mental health services.

For example, a mother newly in recovery may not be familiar with the daily development of motor and cognitive skills she observes in her infant, and may misinterpret exploratory behavior for aggression or anger. One mother in treatment who felt her infant "hitting" her face believed that infant was aggressive and didn't like her. Her counselor explained to her that this was the infant's way of reaching for her, that her baby didn't have very good control over the muscles in her arms and so it felt like hitting, but it wasn't. When she understood that it really was an attempt at contact, the new mother calmed down and was able to express love for her child rather than the defensiveness she had felt prior to the explanation. Rather than feeling rejected, she felt affirmed once she understood, and she could feel empathy and love for her infant. In that moment, the counselor helped the mother see that her baby wanted her but just wasn't old enough to show it in a way that was easy for her to see.

We're there, and that's why we care.

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